Azrar is considered to be the most successful and distinguished company in the fields of Filming, Promotional videos and Motion graphics. It relies on a specialized team that has a sense of creativity to produce high-quality output using the latest technology. This is done by creatively transforming what is written to audio and visual thoughts in a cooperative environment where the team’s skills and talents unite.   

From the moment it was established in Amman in 2015, Azrar has witnessed consecutive successes in designing and filming promotional films for public and private companies. It showed a basis for innovation and creativity that distinguished it from other counterparts in this field.


Azrar strives to remain the leader in its field by staying up to date with latest technology. Azrar also believes in the ability to make a difference and add value to its customers.






We’re different because everything we do is creative, professional and special. You can find us striving to achieve our customers’ visions by using the latest software technologies and marketing methods to ensure that their work is widely spread because we believe that their success is our success.


Professionalism, effectiveness, flexibility, creativity, quality and confidence are the values that we cherish when we deal with our customers.  


We provide you with a consistent visual marketing content that enables you to address the target audience of your product with the help of an integrative professional team of researchers, designers, painters and writers.