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█Hindi█ Free Full Just Mercy

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Destin Daniel Cretton
Biography, Crime
2 Hour 17 m

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Good acting
Well done
It may be slow but it held my interest.
I gained as much from Bryan Stevenson’s powerful 10 minute TIFF screening introduction as I did from the 2 hour+ movie itself.
His character was void of nuance, overcame no personal obstacle, and experienced no true arc or transformation. Even Jesus Christ faced temptation in the desert. Stevenson being a perfect inspirational hero at every turn makes this narrative hard to connect with below the surface.
The well-intentioned message here works as a visual companion to one of his TED talks, but not as compelling cinema.

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There are some films that explore criminal injustices, racism, and white supremacy that feel like they exist for the pleasure of some sick people to see black people be brutalized. This is not one of those films. Michael B Jordan, Brie Larson & Jamie Foxx do an outstanding job of conveying the pain, neglect, and conviction of their perspective roles.
Jordan plays the role of a recent Harvard law school grad who has decided to practice law in Alabama.
Larson, a white woman, accompanies him in his fight for equality and criminal justice. She plays her role well and does a great job of conveying emotion.
Foxx plays the role of a black man who was lied on about killing an 18 year old white woman and was given death row before his trial even began. I personally believe that Foxx was the show stealer because he commanded attention EVERYTIME he was on screen.
Just Mercy is tense, emotional from start to finish, and draws you in and doesn’t let you go. It is important to note that the rest of the cast definitely bring their “A” game and make the story feel even more personal. Just Mercy is everything it set out to be and more.

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Dont know why this film has a low rating.
This true story about a young lawyer who uncovers miscarriages of justice a from discriminating legal system in the deep south, it has a great central performance by Michael B Jordan and is backed up by Jamie Foxx, who surely should be nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar come next year.
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