Our Services


Filming and Production

Azrar Media has a special staff that possess the ability to produce promotional, educational and entertainment films in order to deliver a message to the target audience or promote a specific service or product. We’re ready and capable of establishing a project from the first step of writing a script to the full production stage. What distinguishes us from other companies in this field is our past experiences of working with companies from different sectors and specializations.


Illustrations and Animation

We seek at Azrar to change the typical way of presenting information and data to the viewer, in order to change the people’s reaction and interaction with this information when they see it. 2D and 3D animation are considered two of the best ways of visual marketing to attract as many people as possible from your target audience. The viewer doesn’t pay attention to reading, rather focuses on watching.

Azrar’s creative team has the ability to simplify complex information and promote your ideas and products to attract the customers. Therefore, the boring data and information turns into interesting pictures and graphics by relying on visual and acoustic effects to deliver the information. 


Mobile Apps and Games

Azrar Media designs and develops many apps and games for smartphones, which are famous for their beautiful innovative designs, and friendly usage, which encourages the users to spread the app.


We have a group of designers, programmers and professionals who design and develop Android and iOS games that satisfy the customers and users aspirations who work under one harmonious environment.